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The Whimsical Icebox began its strange existence in 1989 but took to its national obscurity in 1991. It was at this time that Justin Dortwegt (Justynn Tyme) and Alex Nitzman (Stock Interchange) began working together. The two matched each other perfectly and inspired one another to bizarre extents. The Whimsical Icebox, before the days of public internet took up the attitude similar to a traveling side show. Always "on" the two brought strange, humorous, abstract performance art everywhere they went. They were a spectacle just inside people's consciousness.

They in turn, working in the studio 5 hours a day 5 days a week brought these experiences and personal histories and interests to the blender. This spawned the developed of many bizarre characters, and strange organizations with peculiar agendas and purposes. All intermingled in outlandish scenarios and captured in audio. This bohemian era lasted just under 5 years until Stock and Tyme in split up in 1996.

It was during this time when Justynn began the whimsical icebox website. Bring the world of the whimsical icebox even more public exposure. For two years, Justynn Tyme exclusively developed the sites and sounds of the whimsical icebox.

His work began catching the attentions of other absurdist and comedians. Then in 1999 Justynn Tyme began sharing the studio again with other talented artists, Adam Madman (1999) & Razz Buffo (2000) further developing the Whimsical Icebox kaleidoscope. Then quite suddenly the roster began to grow as polycarp kusch and Tom Apollyon join the group.

From 2002 until 2004; many more fantastic absurdist talent starting accumulating on the Whimsical Icebox's doorstep. Pushing the roster to nine active members (the fullest since its conception). Talents like: Dave Gorgonzola and Darren Dargon, Cake Earthhead and Rocky Mckeon, Tenneesse Donihe and Deen Martian all clamoured together creating new angles and buffing up old chrome. Pushing the bounderies of absurdism to unheard of new heights. This resulted in a new bohemian period called "The New Absurdist" era where the website was being massively updated with new content every couple of months.

Unfortunately, this era came to a close as the group drifted part and finally retired from online entertainment in 2006. Although the Whimsical Icebox retired in 2006 from their online activities. This hasn't stopped them from popping up all over the internet. The whimsical icebox pops all around the internet whenever and wherever the opportunity arises. Where new things are always heard because about 75% of the archives has never seen the light of day since the day it was created.

In 2008, Justynn began working with other members, like Dave Gorgonzola in creating chapbook versions of the featured favorites from the website including new and never before seen material. Justynn has also continued working to create companions to the website featuring new directions and arts of the members and their creations. New CD collections of archived audio material is also in the works but this is just a small sample of what is coming in the near future.